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Square D Schneider Electric 8030CRM510 Sy/Net Network Interface Module Symax

Brand: Square D

Condition: New

Model: 8030CRM510


The Schneider Electric 8030CRM510 is a network interface module within the Sy/Net family, which is a part of the broader Schneider Electric ecosystem. Here are some key aspects:

  • Sy/Net Network Integration: The Schneider Electric 8030CRM510 module is designed to facilitate communication within a Sy/Net network. Sy/Net is a proprietary communication protocol developed by Square D for their automation and control systems.
  • Communication Hub: This module serves as a communication hub, enabling the exchange of data between various devices connected to the Sy/Net network. It allows for the seamless flow of information, contributing to the efficiency of the overall industrial control system.
  • Schneider Electric Ecosystem: Schneider Electric is a well-known global provider of energy management and automation solutions. The 8030CRM510 is part of their Sy/Net family of products, indicating compatibility and integration with other Schneider Electric devices.
  • Industrial Automation: This Schneider Electric 8030CRM510 module is likely employed in industrial automation scenarios, where precise control and monitoring of processes are essential. It may be used in various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and more.
  • Network Interface Features: Specific features of the module might include support for different communication protocols, data rates, and network topologies. These details would be outlined in the product specifications.
  • Sy/Net System Expansion: The module could be utilized to expand or enhance an existing Sy/Net network, allowing for the integration of additional devices or the improvement of data communication capabilities.

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Square D Schneider Electric 8030CRM510 Sy/Net Network Interface Module Symax

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