Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power Meter OLP 38


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Model: OLP-38

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Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power Meter OLP 38

The Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power Meter is a specialized instrument used in optical fiber networks to measure and verify the optical power levels of signals. Here’s a detailed description of this product and its benefits:

  • Optical Power Measurement: The Viavi OLP-38 is designed to accurately measure optical power levels in both single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber networks. This is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of optical communication systems.
  • Wide Wavelength Range: This optical power meter typically covers a broad wavelength range, making it versatile and suitable for various optical sources and networks.
  • High Accuracy: Precision is essential in optical power measurements, and this device is known for its high accuracy, ensuring reliable results for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • User-Friendly: These meters are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They often feature easy-to-read displays, straightforward controls, and intuitive interfaces, making them suitable for technicians and engineers.
  • Portable: Optical power meters like the OLP-38 are typically compact and lightweight, allowing field technicians to carry them easily for on-site measurements.
  • Fiber Optic Network Maintenance: These meters are crucial for network maintenance, installation, and verification. They help identify issues such as signal loss, which can occur due to cable damage or misalignments.
  • Network Optimization: By accurately measuring optical power levels, this instrument aids in optimizing optical networks, ensuring that data is transmitted reliably and at the right power levels.
  • Viavi JDSU: Viavi Solutions, formerly known as JDSU, is a reputable brand in the field of optical network testing and measurement, known for producing high-quality, industry-standard equipment.

The Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power Meter OLP 38 is a versatile and high-precision optical power meter designed for accurately measuring optical power levels in fiber optic networks.  

Key Features and Benefits of Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power:

  • High Precision Measurement: The OLP-38 optical power meter offers high accuracy and precision in measuring optical power levels, ensuring reliable and consistent readings.
  • Wide Measurement Range: The power meter has a wide measurement range, allowing it to handle various optical power levels commonly found in fiber optic networks.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface with a clear and easy-to-read display, making it simple to operate and interpret results.
  • Multi-Wavelength Support: This optical power meter supports multiple wavelengths, allowing users to measure optical power in different wavelength bands commonly used in fiber optic systems.
  • Auto-Zeroing Function: The OLP-38 includes an auto-zeroing function, which enables quick and accurate measurement by automatically compensating for background noise and drift.
  • Long Battery Life: The power meter is equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring extended operation without the need for frequent recharging.


Viavi JDSU OLP-38 Optical Power Meter OLP 38 is a reliable and accurate tool for measuring optical power levels in fiber optic networks. 

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