Non-electronic medicine pumps called Baxter sigma Pump in the USA, are created to deliver ambulatory infusion therapy.  In this method, medication is given to the patient while an elastomeric “balloon” slowly deflates, forcing the solution through the IV tubing and into the catheter/port.


The Baxter Sigma Pump in the USA  (#35700BAX)

A common type of infusion pump used in hospitals, the Baxter SIGMA Spectrum delivers fluids, drugs, and nutrients straight into a patient’s bloodstream. The information provided by these TCP/IP-enabled medical devices helps medical staff better coordinate patient care.


It comes with a pole clamp, a power converter, and a BG single wireless battery, as well as the newest version of the software, version 6.05.



  • Easy to set up and program without compromising security.
  • The colors are bright and legible.
  • Compatible with Baxter’s standard IV administration kits
  • On-board digital help screens.
  • Computer system that can be adjusted to decrease dosing errors.
  • Only one titration step is permitted.
  • Flow verification prior to injection.
  • Wireless bidirectional communication.


Baxter Sigma Spectrum IV  

The IV pump from Baxter, the Sigma Spectrum, is small and simple to operate which makes it one of the best Baxter sigma pumps in the USA. Soma offers two different versions of software for this Baxter IV pump: 6.05 and 6.02. Because of the wireless connection, it is easy to add data to your hospital’s existing EMR system.


The Sigma Spectrum is compatible with the industry-standard gravity IV sets from Hospira and several other manufacturers. With normal use, a fully charged battery will operate the I.V. pump for at least four hours.


There are a variety of safeguards built into the Dosage Error Reduction Software (DARS), such as hard and soft limits, default dosage rates, and a wide variety of dosing modes.

  • Quick and simple priming of the Standard IV administration kits is possible.
  • LCD screen that is both luminous and contrasting.
  • The patient’s mobility is enhanced by the small and lightweight design.
  • bidirectional wireless communication.
  • transmissions based on XML and HL7 standards.


Baxter AS40A 

The Baxter AS40A has advanced programming features including programmable occlusion sensitivity, automatic syringe size recognition, a Drug Library function that stores infusion settings for individual drugs, and a keypad lock which makes it the top Baxter sigma pump in the USA.

  •  It can be given either continuously or at regular intervals in one or more equally effective doses.
  • It has an ambulatory layout, so it doesn’t require any wires, batteries, or IV poles.


The Baxter Elastomeric Pump

This model of Baxter sigma pump in the USA is used to provide medication to patients. system of distribution that is convenient, portable, and adaptable to their nutritional and medicinal needs.

  • Discreet and small form factor
  • Disposable plastic items
  • The built-in flow controller guards against fraudulent rate changes.


Baxter – IQ Infusion System

To facilitate the two-way exchange of digital health records, the Spectrum IQ system was developed.

  • Spectrum IQ Infusion System is an innovative take on the traditional idea of a smart pump that is integrated into it.
  • Now, health organizations and the patients they serve may see immediate and measurable outcomes thanks to the Spectrum IQ infusion system’s seamless integration with the EMR. This adds to the simplicity of use and drug library compliance already included in the Spectrum platform.
  • With the Spectrum IQ infusion system, you may quickly establish your pump by transmitting the patient’s medication order from the electronic medical record to the pump.


Baxter Sigma Pump on GE Equipment

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If you have a Baxter sigma pump, could you explain how it operates?

Patients can get several IV medications with the help of the Baxter InfusOR infusion syringe pump. The InfusOR syringe pump, in conjunction with a Smart Label medication delivery system, may dispense prescribed doses of opioids, muscle relaxants, as well as other medications.


What is the purpose of Baxter sigma pump?

The regulated administration of intravenous fluids is the intended use of the Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump. The Sigma Spectrum pump is appropriate for a wide range of settings, including emergency medical services, home care, ambulatory care, outpatient clinics, and hospitals.



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