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2017 Allen Bradley 5069-OB16F Series A Fast Output Module Compact 5000

Brand: Rockwell Automation // Allen Bradley

Condition: Used

Model: 5069-OB16F /B /(PLC)


The Allen Bradley 5069-OB16F is a digital output module designed for high-speed control applications in industrial automation. Here’s a description of this output module and its benefits:

  • Fast Output: The 5069-OB16F is known for its high-speed output capabilities. It can quickly switch the output states of its channels, making it suitable for applications that require rapid response times.
  • 16 Output Channels: Allen Bradley 5069-OB16F module provides sixteen output channels, allowing you to control multiple devices or components simultaneously in your automation system.
  • Compact Design: Like many CompactLogix and Compact 5000 series modules, the 5069-OB16F has a compact form factor, saving space in your control cabinet or panel.
  • Series A: The “Series A” designation typically refers to the hardware revision of the module. Different hardware revisions may have improvements or changes in features.
  • Compatibility: The 5069-OB16F is designed to work seamlessly with other Allen Bradley CompactLogix and Compact 5000 components and software, ensuring compatibility within the Rockwell Automation ecosystem.
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2017 Allen Bradley 5069-OB16F Series A Fast Output Module Compact 5000

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5069-OB16F /B /(PLC)