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2021 New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact 5000 DC Safety Input Module


Available on backorder

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 5069-IB8S Compact5000

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Available on backorder

The 2021 New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact 5000 DC Safety Input Module is a cutting-edge safety input module manufactured by Allen Bradley, a leading provider of industrial automation solutions.  

Key Features and Benefits of the Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact 5000 DC Safety Input Module:

  • Safety Certified: The 5069-IB8S module is safety certified, meeting international safety standards, such as SIL 3, PL e, and Category 4, to ensure the highest level of safety for critical processes and machinery.
  • High Density: With eight safety inputs in a compact form factor, the module offers a high input density, optimizing space usage in control panels and reducing overall system complexity.
  • Flexibility: The module supports a wide range of safety input types, including digital input signals from various safety devices like emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and safety light curtains.
  • Dual Input Channels: Each safety input channel is designed with dual redundant inputs, offering enhanced fault tolerance and providing redundant safety signals for increased reliability.

2021 New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact 5000 DC Safety Input Module is a state-of-the-art safety module that delivers high-performance safety input capabilities to industrial control systems.

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2021 New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact5000 DC Safety Input Module


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5069-IB8S Compact5000