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2022 New Sealed Allen Bradley 2198-H003-ERS2 A Kinetix 5500 2.5A Servo Drive

Brand: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Condition: New

Model: 2198-H003-ERS2


The Allen Bradley 2198-H003-ERS is a Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive with hardwired safety features. This integration streamlines the design, maintenance, and operation of motion applications by enabling them to be controlled on a single platform with a single network. 


  • The compact design of the Allen Bradley 2198-H003-ERS minimizes its physical space requirements.
  •  It allows convenient connectivity with a single cable, reducing the need for extensive cabling and saving time during installation. 
  • The drive is equipped with both single-phase and three-phase AC input voltages. It has an efficiency of 97% and can absorb 11.54 J of capacitive energy. 
  • The device has a continuous output current of 1.0 A and a peak output current of 2.5 A for RMS values. For 0 to peak values, it has a constant output current of 1.4 A and a peak output current of 3.5 A.
  •  The 2198-H003-ERS is a component of the Bulletin 2198, which pertains to the Kinetix 5500 Motion control system.


  • The Allen Bradley 2198-H003-ERS can operate using different input voltages and provide output power levels of 0.2 Kilowatts, 0.3 Kilowatts, and 0.6 Kilowatts. It also maintains a continuous output current of 1.4 Amperes. 
  • The Allen Bradley 2198-H003-ERS is equipped with Load-Observer Real-Time tuning technology, which minimizes the need for tuning each servo axis, compensates for unknown mechanical factors, and adapts to applications with highly varying inertia
  • The embedded dual Ethernet interfaces can support Linear and Device Level Ring topologies. These topologies are primarily utilized to implement integrated motion over Ethernet I/P. 
  • These ports can facilitate communication at a rate of 10/100 Mbps. They can be adjusted to connect with CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers that provide motion via Ethernet I/P.

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