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Agilent JDSU W1314A-E09 Wireless 8 Band Receiver Antenna & Charger W1314A E09

Brand:  Agilent

Condition: Used

Model: W1314A-E09


The Agilent JDSU W1314A-E09 is a wireless 8 band receiver antenna and charger designed for professional wireless communication applications. This high-quality product from Agilent Technologies (now known as Keysight Technologies) offers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an essential tool for wireless network technicians and engineers.

Key Features and Benefits of the Agilent JDSU W1314A-E09 is a wireless 8 band:

  • Wireless 8 Band Receiver: The W1314A-E09 is equipped with a wireless receiver that can simultaneously monitor and capture signals across eight different frequency bands. This capability allows for efficient and comprehensive analysis of wireless networks, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The antenna covers a wide frequency range, making it suitable for various wireless communication technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, GSM, and more.
  • Enhanced Signal Sensitivity: The receiver antenna boasts enhanced signal sensitivity, enabling it to detect weak signals and identify potential issues in wireless networks with precision.
  • Real-time Monitoring: With real-time monitoring capabilities, the W1314A-E09 provides instant feedback on signal strength and quality, allowing technicians to make informed decisions and troubleshoot problems effectively.

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In summary, the Agilent JDSU W1314A-E09 Wireless 8 Band Receiver Antenna & Charger is a top-notch tool that provides wireless communication professionals with the means to monitor and analyze signals across multiple frequency bands.

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