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Allen Bradley 1732E-8IOLM12R IO Link Master Dual Port Ethernet

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: Used

Model: 1732E-8IOLM12R


The Allen Bradley 1732E-8IOLM12R IO-Link Master is a powerful and versatile industrial communication device. It serves as a dual-port Ethernet interface for IO-Link devices, enabling seamless data exchange between sensors, actuators, and controllers in industrial automation systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Data Exchange: The Allen Bradley 1732E-8IOLM12R IO-Link Master facilitates efficient and high-speed data exchange between IO-Link devices and the central controller. This ensures real-time data availability for precise control and monitoring.
  • Dual-Port Configuration: With dual Ethernet ports, this IO-Link Master offers redundancy and flexibility in network design. It supports device-level ring (DLR) topologies, enhancing network reliability.
  • Simplified Configuration: Allen Bradley’s user-friendly configuration tools make it easy to set up and manage IO-Link devices. This simplifies commissioning and maintenance tasks, reducing downtime.
  • Remote Diagnostics: The IO-Link Master supports remote diagnostics and monitoring. It provides valuable insights into the health and status of connected devices, enabling proactive maintenance.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: IO-Link technology allows for parameterization and configuration of IO-Link devices directly from the controller. This flexibility simplifies device replacement and changes in system configuration.
  • Cost Efficiency: By enabling efficient data transfer and diagnostics, the IO-Link Master helps minimize system downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize overall system performance.

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Allen Bradley 1732E-8IOLM12R IO Link Master Dual Port Ethernet
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Allen-Bradley 1732E-8IOLM12R