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Emerson AMS TREX Device Field Communicator Plus Hart 475 Analyzer TREXLFPKLWS1S


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Brand: Emerson

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Available on backorder


The Emerson AMS TREX is a competent and portable diagnostic tool that utilizes advanced device diagnostic capabilities to efficiently resolve field issues and enhance productivity by providing a contemporary and user-friendly interface. The Emerson AMS TREX Device Communicator is a HART 475 Analyzer. The Emerson ARM Trex device communicator performs a specific function. 

  • Portable communication device of Emerson AMS TREX

The field communicator application offers a range of settings and troubleshooting choices for HART and FF devices. 

  • Emerson AMS TREX Diagnosis of Fieldbus systems 

The Rosemont TREx Handheld Fieldbus diagnostic application offers a comprehensive set of tools for troubleshooting and verifying FF network segments. 

  • Electrical circuit analysis of Emerson AMS TREX

Loop diagnostics programs enable the powering of field loops and the execution of loop troubleshooting and inspections. The application assists in verifying the attributes of the loop to isolate and resolve wiring issues. 

  • Power source for an electrical circuit Emerson AMS TREX

The Trex communicator is equipped with a power function integrated into the device. Connect the communicator to the instrument requiring electricity. Technicians now save time by skipping attaching power and validating circuit resistance before testing, accelerating the configuration process. 

  • Valvelink Mobile 

Valvelink Mobile improves efficiency in configuring and troubleshooting digital valve positioners by assessing valve assemblies without production disruption. It allows valve diagnostics, including characteristics, dynamic error bands, and step response, without removing the valve or engaging in intrusive troubleshooting procedures.

Features of Emerson AMS TREX: 

  • The TREXCHPNAWS1 is a portable communicator with a touch display that adjusts to different lighting conditions, making it ideal for troubleshooting in bright or poor lighting. 
  • Its portable case accommodates the communicator and other field instruments, with an access window and spacious pockets.

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New – Open box