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Ge Fanuc General Electric IS215UCVEM09B PC Control Module Board UCVEM09B SVGA


Condition: Used

Model: IS215UCVEM09B


Ge Fanuc The General Electric IS215UCVEM09B PC Control Module Board UCVEM09B SVGA is an LCI VME Controller Card used in land-marine (LM) aero-derivative control systems. General Electric produces it as a part of the Mark VI Series. 

The Innovation Series controller such as IS215UCVEM09B is integrated into a range of single or double-slot, 6U high, single-board computers (SBC). The controller is installed on a Versa Modular Euro (VME) rack and is connected to an I/O board via the VME bus. 

Local I/O is also supported by some board types using PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) daughterboards. The IS215UCVEM09B-like controller operating system (OS) is QNX, a real-time, multitasking OS designed for industrial applications that need great speed and dependability. 


Following are the features of Ge Fanuc General Electric IS215UCVEM09B PC Control Module Board UCVEM09B SVGA:

  • Communication ports:

The controller is programmed with application-specific software using the Control System Toolbox (toolbox). Three communication ports provide the following connection to operator and engineering interfaces:

  • Ethernet Connection: 

Ethernet connections for communication with Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and other control devices (such as Modbus enslaved human) RS-232C connections for initial setup using the COM1 port RS-232C connections for communication with distributed control systems (DCS) using the COM2 port. Numerous Ethernet ports and a variety of themed connection connectors are on the card’s faceplate. There are extra places for fastening cables at specific terminals.

  • Circuit board:

The circuit board of the PCB is kept cool by a section of black lines. On the board are the tower and box-style condensers. Electrical energy fields are produced by utilizing condensers. The circuit board will use the electrical energy stored in these electrical energy fields later.

  • Versions:

This controller is available in two versions: M09A and M09B. Both use different DLAN daughters. Despite the functional equality of the controllers, the toolbox needs to specify the correct form. It has many connectors that connect to other circuit boards and secure the circuit board. The module comes with an SD card and a battery.

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