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New 2019 Schneider Electric 8020SCP423 PLC Model 400 8k RAM Square D Symax

Brand: Schneider Electric

Condition: New – Open box

Model: 8020SCP423


The Schneider Electric 8020SCP423 is a Square D-produced Model 400 with an 8K RAM CPU and a floating point capability. The scanning speed of the system is 0.7 milliseconds per kilobyte for Boolean logic and 2.9 milliseconds per kilobyte for nominal logic. The external input/output system can support more than 4,000 digital and over 3,000 analogue inputs, which can be used in any combination. The user’s memory use is 1 word per contact, and the user’s memory overhead is 8 words.


The Schneider Electric 8020SCP423 has an 8-kilobyte Random Access Memory (RAM) module and provides four options: RUN/PROGRAM, RUN, HALT, and DISABLE OUTPUTS. During the RUN/PROGRAM mode, the processor carries out the ladder program without permitting changes.

HALT mode:

 Conversely, in HALT mode, the CPU stops executing the ladder program and turns off all outputs of Schneider Electric 8020SCP423. When the CPU is in DISABLE OUTPUT mode, it executes the ladder program but turns off all outputs.

Key features:

  • When utilizing the key, the object’s measurements are 1.5 inches in width, 12.8 inches in height, and 7.1 inches in depth. 
  • The device has two RS-422 connection ports. COMM 1 connects programming and peripheral equipment, while COMM 2 connects inter-processor communications, printers, ASCII devices, and D-Log modules. 
  • The CPU battery can be manually accessed through the battery access door.

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