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New Allen Bradley 1734-8CFG Ser C Module w/ 1734-MB Mounting Base & 1734-RTBS

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New 

Model: 1734-8CFG


Elevate your industrial control system with the New Allen Bradley 1734-8CFG Ser C Module, accompanied by the 1734-MB Mounting Base and 1734-RTBS terminal base. 

Key Features:

  • 1734-8CFG Analog Input Module: The Allen Bradley 1734-8CFG Ser C Module is an analog input module designed for the ControlLogix platform. It offers eight channels for configuring analog signals, providing flexibility in monitoring and control applications.
  • 1734-MB Mounting Base: The 1734-MB Mounting Base serves as a foundation for securely installing the Allen Bradley 1734-8CFGmodule within the control panel. Its modular design ensures compatibility with various ControlLogix I/O modules.
  • 1734-RTBS Terminal Base: The 1734-RTBS terminal base provides a reliable and organized terminal connection point for wiring the analog signals. It simplifies the wiring process and enhances the overall accessibility of the analog inputs.
  • Scalable Configuration: The combination of the 1734-8CFG module, 1734-MB Mounting Base, and 1734-RTBS terminal base allows for scalable configuration, making it easy to adapt to varying input requirements and expand the system as needed.
  • Compact and Modular Design: The compact and modular design of these components facilitates easy integration into ControlLogix chassis, optimizing space within control panels and offering a modular approach to I/O expansion.
  • Versatile Analog Signal Handling: The Allen Bradley 1734-8CFG module supports a wide range of analog signal types, enabling the handling of diverse industrial sensors and devices with precision and accuracy.
  • Seamless ControlLogix Integration: Designed for integration with the ControlLogix platform, these components seamlessly integrate into the broader control system, ensuring compatibility and synchronization with other ControlLogix modules.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics: Advanced diagnostics features in the Allen Bradley 1734-8CFG module provide real-time monitoring, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime by identifying issues before they impact the operation.

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