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Tektronix MSO70404C 4 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 4Ghz 25 GS/s 16 channel DPX

Brand: Tektronix

Condition: Used

Model: MSO70404C


Tektronix MSO70404C 4 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 4Ghz 25 GS/s 16 channel DPX

The Tektronix MSO70404C is a high-performance mixed-signal oscilloscope designed for advanced signal analysis and measurement in electronic designs and testing applications.   Here are the key features:

  1. Bandwidth and Sample Rate: The MSO70404C offers a bandwidth of 4 GHz, allowing it to capture and analyse high-frequency signals with precision. It has a sample rate of 25 GS/s (giga-samples per second), ensuring accurate representation of fast-changing waveforms.
  2. Mixed-Signal Capability: With 16 channels, the MSO70404C enables simultaneous capture and analysis of analog and digital signals. This mixed-signal capability is ideal for debugging and troubleshooting complex designs that include both analog and digital components.
  3. DPX Acquisition Technology: The oscilloscope features Tektronix’s DPX (Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope) acquisition technology, which provides fast waveform capture rates and persistence display. This allows users to quickly identify and analyse anomalies in the signal.
  4. Advanced Signal Analysis: The MSO70404C offers a wide range of advanced signal analysis features, including FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), waveform maths, and automated measurements. These tools help users extract valuable insights from the acquired waveforms and perform in-depth analysis.

The Tektronix MSO70404C 4 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is a powerful and versatile tool for signal analysis and measurement.

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