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Viavi JDSU One Expert ONX-630 CATV DOCSIS 3.1 IPX NTX TSX Loopback

Brand: JDSU

Condition: Used

Model: ONX-CATV-D31-42-85-1G


Viavi JDSU One Expert ONX-630 CATV DOCSIS 3.1 IPX NTX TSX Loopback

The Viavi JDSU One Expert ONX-630 is a versatile test and measurement device designed for Cable Television (CATV) and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) networks. Below is a detailed product description along with its benefits:

  • Cable Television and DOCSIS Testing: The One Expert ONX-630 CATV DOCSIS 3.1 is specifically engineered for testing and troubleshooting CATV and DOCSIS networks. These networks are crucial for delivering television, internet, and voice services to subscribers.
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Support: DOCSIS 3.1 is a significant technology upgrade for cable operators, allowing for higher bandwidth and more efficient data transmission. The ONX-630 supports DOCSIS 3.1, making it suitable for modern cable networks.
  • Versatile Testing: This device is versatile and can conduct various tests and measurements, including IPX (Internet Protocol Experience), NTX (Network Throughput), and TSX (Transport Stream).
  • Loopback Testing: Loopback testing is a valuable feature for verifying network performance. It allows you to send a signal from the ONX-630, have it loop back through the network, and then analyze the received signal for performance issues.
  • One Expert: The “One Expert” branding suggests that this device is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for testing and analyzing CATV and DOCSIS networks, potentially reducing the need for multiple testing devices.
  • Professional Grade: Viavi JDSU is known for producing high-quality professional-grade testing equipment used by cable operators to ensure the quality of their services.

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