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JDSU Viavi 41MPO12SM SM APC Multi Fiber OTDR Switch Module MPO TBERD MTS 4000 5G

Brand: JDSU

Condition: Used

Model: 41MPO12SM



The JDSU Viavi 41MPO12SM is a Single-Mode (SM) Angled Physical Contact (APC) Multi Fiber Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Switch Module designed for advanced fiber optic network testing applications. This module is specifically engineered for use with the TBERD (Test, Ber, and Debug) and MTS (Multi-Test Set) 4000 series, catering to the evolving demands of 5G and other high-speed optical communication networks.

  • MPO Connectivity: The Viavi 41MPO12SM features MPO connectivity, making it well-suited for testing multi-fiber connectors commonly used in high-density environments, data centers, and telecommunications backbones.
  • Single-Mode APC: Equipped with Single-Mode Angled Physical Contact connectors, the module ensures accurate and efficient testing of single-mode optical fibers, providing reliable results even in demanding environments.
  • Multi Fiber OTDR: The OTDR functionality allows for precise characterization of optical fibers by analyzing the backscattered light, enabling technicians to locate faults, measure fiber length, and assess overall network health.
  • Switching Capability: The switch module’s ability to manage multiple fibers simultaneously enhances testing efficiency, reducing the time required for comprehensive network diagnostics.
  • Compatibility: Tailored for compatibility with the Viavi 41MPO12SM 4000 platform, this module integrates seamlessly into Viavi’s ecosystem, providing users with a cohesive and powerful testing solution.

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5G Readiness: With a focus on 5G network requirements, this module supports the rigorous testing demands associated with high-bandwidth, low-latency communications.

JDSU Viavi 41MPO12SM SM APC Multi Fiber OTDR Switch Module MPO TBERD MTS 4000

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