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New Hytorc BTM-3000 36V Lithium Electric Torque Gun Kit BTM 3000 Calibrated


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Model: BTM-3000

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Available on backorder


Hytorc BTM-3000 advanced torque gun kit is engineered to redefine efficiency and accuracy in torqueing operations. Explore the key features that make this kit an indispensable asset for calibrated and reliable torque solutions.

Key Features:

Cutting-Edge Lithium Technology: Powered by a 36V Lithium battery, the Hytorc BTM-3000 delivers high torque performance with efficiency and portability. The lithium technology ensures extended battery life for prolonged usage in various applications.

Electric Torque Gun Efficiency: Hytorc BTM-3000 is designed as an electric torque gun, providing superior efficiency and accuracy in torque applications. This enables precise and consistent torque control for a wide range of fastening requirements.

Comprehensive Torque Kit: The kit includes all essential components for torque applications, offering a comprehensive solution for your torqueing needs. From the gun itself to accessories and calibration tools, the BTM-3000 kit ensures readiness for various tasks.

Calibrated Precision: Each Hytorc BTM-3000 unit is calibrated to meet exacting torque standards, guaranteeing precision in every torque application. The calibration process ensures consistent and reliable torque outputs, meeting the highest industry standards.

User-Friendly Operation: Streamlined for user-friendly operation, the BTM-3000 provides an intuitive interface for operators. The ergonomic design and controls facilitate ease of use, reducing operator fatigue during extended use.

Versatility in Applications: Suitable for a variety of industries, the BTM-3000 caters to diverse torqueing applications. From manufacturing and construction to maintenance tasks, its versatility makes it an ideal tool for different torque requirements.

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