New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IF16H /A ControlLogix Analog Input 16-Point HART


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Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 1756-IF16H /A

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Available on backorder

This module, New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 H /A designed for the ControlLogix platform, brings advanced analog input capabilities to industrial automation systems. With support for 16 points and HART communication, it stands as a powerful solution for applications demanding accurate and intelligent analog signal processing.

Key Features:

  • ControlLogix Compatibility: The 1756-IF16H/A is specifically crafted for seamless integration into the ControlLogix platform, ensuring compatibility and efficient communication within Allen Bradley’s ControlLogix environment.
  • Analog Input Module: As an analog input module, it enables the acquisition of analog signals from sensors and devices, providing real-time data for precise control and monitoring applications.
  • 16-Point Configuration: Configured to handle 16 analog input points, the module allows for the simultaneous processing of multiple signals, enhancing the scalability and versatility of your automation system.
  • HART Communication Protocol: Featuring HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) communication, the module supports enhanced communication capabilities with intelligent field devices, enabling two-way communication for diagnostics and configuration.
  • High Accuracy and Resolution: The module 1756-IF16 is designed to deliver high accuracy and resolution in analog signal processing, ensuring reliable and precise measurements critical for industrial automation applications.
  • Versatile Industrial Applications: Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including process control, manufacturing, and monitoring systems, the module caters to the diverse analog input requirements in industrial environments.
  • Efficient Data Processing: With its efficient analog signal processing capabilities, the module contributes to the efficiency and responsiveness of your control system, enhancing overall operational performance.

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