New Sealed Allen Bradley 25B-D010N114 PowerFlex 525 AC Drive 5HP 480V


The New Sealed Allen Bradley 25B-D010N114 is a member of the PowerFlex 525 series, which encompasses variable frequency drives (VFDs). Here is a detailed description of this product and its advantages:

  • PowerFlex 525 AC Drive: The 25B-D010N114 is an AC drive, often referred to as a variable frequency drive (VFD), used for the precise control of AC motors. It offers the capability to adjust motor speed and torque, allowing for better control in various applications.
  • High Voltage and Power: Designed to operate on a 480V power supply, this AC drive can handle applications with higher voltage requirements and is rated for motors up to 5HP (horsepower).
  • Sealed and New: Being “new sealed” means the product is in its original, unopened packaging, ensuring its reliability and performance. This is particularly important in industrial settings where reliable equipment is critical.
  • Allen Bradley: Allen Bradley is a well-established brand in the field of industrial automation and is widely recognized for its high-quality products.
  • Versatility: AC drives, such as the PowerFlex 525 series, are versatile and can be utilized in a broad range of applications. They are valuable for applications that require motor control, including pumps, fans, conveyors, and more.
  • Energy Efficiency: VFDs like the PowerFlex 525 are known for their energy-saving capabilities. They can optimize motor performance, reduce energy consumption, and result in cost savings.

Precision Control: AC drives offer precise control over motor speed and torque, making them suitable for applications that require fine-tuned adjustments.

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New Sealed Allen Bradley 25B-D010N114 PowerFlex 525 AC Drive 5HP 480V

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