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Spectro XSORT XRF Analyzer Precious Metals Alloy Mining Soil ROHS Gold Minerals


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Brand: Spectro

Condition: Used

Model: XSORT-XRF-Analyzer

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Available on backorder

The XSORT XRF Analyzer Gun-Handheld Analyzer is a basic model that utilizes a cutting-edge silicon PIN (Si-PIN) detector to identify metal grades rapidly within seconds. This device is specifically designed to perform rapid and efficient elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of different materials in the field. The dependability and user-friendliness of the xSORT series establish new standards for the performance of portable XRF spectrometry. 

  • Well-suited for tasks of XSORT XRF Analyzer

This device is well-suited for tasks such as verifying materials, analyzing the environment, doing XRF RoHS testing, recycling alloys, analyzing precious metals, mining, and conducting compliance screening.

  •  Dependable Analyses of XSORT XRF Analyzer

 The analyzer provides dependable analyses within two seconds and reaches meager detection limits without requiring intricate sample preparation. The device also has a built-in video camera for accurate spot testing and storing visual memories and a GPS for fast position retrieval. 

  • SDD:

The detector technique using Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) enables comprehensive analysis of essential constituents, comparable to laboratory conditions, with a rapid analysis time of about 30 seconds.

Features of XSORT XRF Analyzer: 

  • Obtain immediate and accurate elemental analysis results while working, regardless of the project’s location. 
  • Unmatched velocity and precision 
  • Thoroughly non-invasive examination 
  • This program is exceptional for data reporting and assessment. 
  • Technicians Perform light element analysis (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) without the technician’s need for helium or vacuum purging, ensuring maximum mobility. 
  • Extensive surface area All xSORT portable instruments are equipped with SDDs (silicon drift detectors) as a standard feature. It ensures you get the highest quality and most cost-effective handheld XRF equipment. 

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Condition: In good working and cosmetic condition. Tested and works. Complete kit.

Includes: Everything pictured. Unit only. All software options loaded. Low tube hours. Unit is good for any application. Mining, Soil, ROHS, Precious Metals & Light Elements mode. See pictures.

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