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Allen Bradley 440R-S13R2 /A Guardmaster Single Input Monitoring Safety Relay

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: Used

Model: 440R-S13R2/A


The Allen Bradley 440R-S13R2 Guardmaster Dual Input Safety Relay is a highly reliable safety device designed to monitor and control safety functions in industrial applications.  

Key Features and Benefits of Allen Bradley 440R-D22R2 Series A:

  • Dual Input Configuration: The 440R-D22R2 safety relay is equipped with two input channels, allowing it to monitor two separate safety devices simultaneously. This redundancy enhances safety and provides a higher level of reliability in safety-critical applications.
  • Safety Outputs: The safety relay provides safety-rated outputs that are used to control safety-related functions, such as stopping the machinery or preventing hazardous movements when safety devices are activated.
  • 24V DC Operation: The safety relay operates on a 24V DC power supply, making it compatible with standard industrial control systems.
  • Safety Certification: The 440R-D22R2 safety relay is designed and tested to meet safety standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with industry safety requirements.

Overall, the Allen Bradley 440R-D22R2 Series A Guardmaster Dual Input Safety Relay is a vital component in safety-critical applications, providing reliable safety monitoring and control.

The Allen Bradley 440R-S13R2/A Guardmaster Single Input Monitoring Safety Relay is a reliable and efficient safety relay designed to enhance the safety of industrial applications. Here are some key features and benefits of this safety relay:

Single Input Monitoring: The 440R-S13R2/A safety relay is designed to monitor a single input signal from various safety devices such as emergency stop buttons, light curtains, and safety gates. It ensures precise monitoring and rapid response to potential hazards.
Enhanced Safety Functionality: This safety relay provides advanced safety functions, including time-delayed outputs, self-checking circuits, and fault detection capabilities. It helps prevent accidents and injuries by quickly detecting and responding to hazardous conditions.
Easy Installation and Configuration: The safety relay by Allen Bradley is designed for easy installation and configuration. It features clear labelling and user-friendly interfaces, simplifying the setup process. Additionally, it supports a wide range of input devices, providing flexibility in system design.
Reliable Performance: The 440R-S13R2/A safety relay operates on a reliable 24V DC power supply. It is built to withstand harsh industrial environments, with resistance to vibrations, temperature variations, and electrical interference. This ensures consistent and dependable performance.

The Allen Bradley 440R-S13R2/A Guardmaster Single Input Monitoring Safety Relay is a reliable and efficient safety solution for industrial applications. With its single input monitoring capability, enhanced safety functionality, easy installation and configuration, reliable performance, diagnostic capabilities, and compliance with safety standards, this safety relay offers optimal protection and peace of mind.

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