New Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05


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Brand: Anritsu

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Model: MPL-B520K-SJ72AA


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Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05

The Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05 is a high-performance module designed for generating precise and accurate digital patterns for testing and characterizing high-speed communication systems. Here are some key features and benefits of this PPG module:

  1. High-Speed Performance: The MU181020B PPG module offers a high data rate of 14 Gbit/s, allowing it to generate digital patterns at extremely high speeds. It is capable of generating complex and high-frequency waveforms required for testing advanced communication systems.
  2. Wide Range of Output Patterns: This module supports a wide range of output patterns, including PRBS (Pseudo Random Bit Sequence), repetitive patterns, and custom-defined patterns. It provides flexibility for generating various digital patterns required for different testing scenarios.
  3. Precise Timing and Jitter Control: The PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module ensures precise timing and low jitter in the generated patterns, enabling accurate and reliable testing of communication systems.
  4. Versatile Output Settings: The module allows for flexible output settings, including adjustable voltage levels, pre-emphasis, and output swing control. These settings enable precise customization of the output signal characteristics to match the requirements of the device under test.

Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05 is a high-performance module that provides precise and accurate digital pattern generation for testing high-speed communication systems.

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