New Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05


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Brand: Anritsu

Condition: New

Model: MPL-B520K-SJ72AA

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Available on backorder

Anritsu MU181020B 14Gbit/s PPG Pulse Pattern Generator Module OPT -003 0.1-14.05

The Anritsu MU181020B is a high-performance Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) module designed for various test and measurement applications. Below is a detailed product description with its benefits:

  • High Data Rate Testing: The MU181020B is designed to generate pulse patterns with data rates of up to 14 Gbit/s. This capability is essential for testing and validating high-speed communication systems and components.
  • Versatile Module: This PPG module is versatile and suitable for use in research and development, production testing, and quality assurance of components like optical transceivers, communication systems, and high-speed data links.
  • Wide Frequency Range: With a frequency range of 0.1 to 14.05 GHz, this module covers a broad spectrum, allowing you to address a wide range of applications in the telecommunications and data communications fields.
  • Optical Output: It’s important to note that this module typically provides optical pulse outputs, making it particularly useful for testing optical communication equipment.
  • Anritsu Quality: Anritsu is a well-known and respected brand in the field of test and measurement equipment. Their products are known for quality, precision, and reliability.

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