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Trilithic Viavi 360 DSP Pro Docsis 3.1 Home Cert CATV Cable Meter 360DSP QAM


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Brand: Trilithic

Condition: Used

Model: 1G DSP

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Available on backorder


Trilithic Viavi 360 DSP Pro Docsis 3.1 Home Cert CATV Cable Meter 360DSP QAM

The Trilithic Viavi 360 DSP Pro is a specialised metre designed for CATV (Cable Television) and broadband networks, particularly for ensuring the performance of cable and broadband services in residential settings. Here’s a detailed product description along with its benefits:

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Home Certification: This metre is specifically designed for testing and certifying DOCSIS 3.1-based cable systems in home networks. DOCSIS 3.1 is the latest standard for cable networks, offering high bandwidth and reliable services.
  • QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) Analysis: QAM is a modulation scheme used in cable systems to transmit digital data efficiently. The meter likely has QAM analysis capabilities to ensure the quality of digital cable signals.
  • CATV Testing: The meter is tailored for testing and troubleshooting in CATV systems. It can measure signal levels, quality, and detect issues within the cable TV network.
  • Home Certifications: The term “Home Certification” suggests that this meter is used to verify that cable and broadband services are installed correctly and meet quality standards within residential environments.
  • Signal Analysis: The meter likely offers a range of signal analysis tools to ensure that cable and broadband services are reliable, with features such as signal-to-noise ratio measurements and channel quality assessments.
  • 360 DSP Pro: The Trilithic Viavi 360 DSP Pro ” designation may indicate advanced features and capabilities for professional cable technicians and installers.
  • Viavi Brand: Viavi Solutions, formerly known as JDS Uniphase, is a reputable company in the telecommunications and network testing industry. Their products are trusted for their quality and accuracy.

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Condition: In good working and cosmetic condition. Tested and works. See pictures. Fully loaded with dual 100g port. Ready for work. Recently used in a working environment. Fully loaded. Includes everything pictured.
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